Buttermore Jewelers is a 3rd generation
family jeweler, with over 75 years experience serving the Mid-Ohio Valley. We boast the broadest selection of quality gifts available from $99 to $1999 anywhere in the Valley. Plus, we have the gemological and sales staff to help you select the right gift for you at a price you can afford. Our complete service department allows us to produce custom pieces, make alterations, needed repairs –
and is unmatched in the area.

Please browse our Products, and learn a little more About Us. If you can, please drop by for a visit, and let us show you why "It Means More, If It’s from Buttermore" (SM).

Why Choose Buttermore?

We will carefully explain Diamond Grading with particular emphasis on those factors that affect beauty such as color and cutting. Clarity only affects the beauty if the flaws are visible while a poor color or poor cutting will to even the untrained eye. We recommend buying the best looking diamond for the money you want to spend, not the rarest. Let us help you find the diamond the perfect diamond for you.

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