3 Ways You Might Be Unknowingly Damaging Your Engagement Ring (And What To Do About It)

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3 Ways You Might Be Unknowingly Damaging Your Engagement Ring (And What To Do About It)

professional jewelry cleaningAlthough 75-80% of the world’s natural diamonds are used for industrial purposes, most of us picture sparkling engagement rings when we think of these precious gems. And whether you’ve recently said “yes” to your one true love or you’ve been together for decades, you’ll want to keep your engagement and wedding rings in fantastic condition for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, daily life can take its toll on your diamond ring; without proper preventative care for your jewelry, both the diamond and band may start to look dull or may even sustain damage. That’s why it’s vital to read our post on care tips and schedule professional jewelry cleaning on a regular basis. You should also familiarize yourself with three of the most common causes of engagement ring damage and learn how to avoid it at all costs.

  1. Cleaning or cooking

    In our care tips post, we talk about how you shouldn’t shower with your ring on or apply oils or moisturizers while wearing it. But that’s not the only time you should remove your ring during a daily activity. You should be sure to remove your engagement and wedding rings prior to cooking or cleaning, as well. The toilet and sink can be dangerous spots in your home, as it’s all too easy to lose your ring down the drain. In addition, many cleaning chemicals can damage metals and stones, which can leave your ring looking dull. Finally, certain foods like raw meat and eggs can carry harmful bacteria. If these materials get stuck in your ring, you’ll definitely regret not removing them before making dinner. Unless you want to schedule professional jewelry cleaning much more often, remove your jewelry and store it in a safe place prior to getting your hands dirty.

  2. Playing sports

    Leading an active lifestyle is the best thing you can do for your body, but it might have some negative effects on your diamond ring. If you love to play tennis, volleyball, or basketball, you might want to consider removing your jewelry beforehand. Otherwise, the contact of a ball or racket could chip or knock stones out of place. Swimming with your rings on is also a no-go. We’ve mentioned the damaging effects of chlorine before, but it’s important to point out that spending a long time in a pool can cause your fingers to shrivel. This makes it easier for rings to slip off accidentally. As a general rule, if you’re reading to the gym, the pool, or the courts, store your ring at home.

  3. Improper ring maintenance

    The best way to ensure your ring is clean, shiny, and damage-free is to perform jewelry maintenance regularly. You should schedule professional jewelry cleaning whenever your ring starts to look a bit cloudy or lackluster. It’s nearly impossible to shield your ring from all possible grime; even if you follow the practices we’ve outlined above and in our maintenance post, you’ll still need professional jewelry cleaning fairly often. While there are guides on how to DIY your ring cleaning, it’s usually best not to take a chance with something as valuable as this. Using harsh chemicals or brushes can do more harm than good. Plus, a professional jeweler can keep an eye out for any potential damage and can fix any issues before they worsen.

As long as you get your ring cleaned regularly by a professional and you avoid these activities while wearing your jewelry, your baubles will look stunning and new for generations to come. For more information on jewelry maintenance, resizing, or customization, contact Buttermore Jewelers today.