The Don’ts Of Diamond Cleaning: How NOT To Care For Your Jewelry

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November 13, 2017
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The Don’ts Of Diamond Cleaning: How NOT To Care For Your Jewelry

jewelry maintenanceThey say that diamonds are forever, and for good reason: the diamond ranks as a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it the hardest substance on the planet. But just because it has superior strength doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged. Proper jewelry maintenance will ensure that your diamonds stay pure and shiny throughout the years. So if you do want your diamonds to sparkle for decades to come, make sure you DON’T do the following:

DON’T: clean your diamond jewelry with just any solution.
Some people think that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. But when it comes to unique engagement rings and other diamond jewelry, you should stick to cleaning methods that are specific to these pieces. Certain products and methods will not be a good fit for your diamond jewelry and can even end up tarnishing the setting or making the diamond appear cloudy. As a rule, avoid chlorine-based solutions and do your research before attempting to clean your jewelry yourself. Better yet, take your pieces to your local diamond experts to ensure your jewelry stays protected.

DON’T: use a heavy hand with your cleaning cloth.
First of all, you should not use a rag or towel to clean your diamond jewelry. You should use a lint-free cloth, like one that you might use to clean your eyeglasses or camera lens. But even if you use the proper cloth, you need to have a gentle touch. If you rub your jewelry too hard in the process, the ring could get caught in the prongs of a ring. This could loosen the setting and make it a lot easier for jewels to fall out.

DON’T: clean your ring over the sink or in an unfamiliar place.
You should clean your ring at home in a safe spot. Don’t try to clean your ring in a restaurant, at work, or over the sink in your own bathroom. If you set down your ring or lose it outside your home, you’ll have little chance of finding it again. And of course, cleaning your ring over your own sink is just asking for trouble. With its proximity to water, it might be more convenient. But unless you want to have your own fell-down-the-drain horror story that requires an expensive replacement, don’t take a chance. If you decide to conduct your own jewelry maintenance at home, do so in a well-lit place free of hazards like these.

DON’T: touch your diamonds with your bare hands.
Although you probably touch your ring quite often during wear, you should try to limit direct contact with the jewels (particularly during cleaning). Wearing rubber gloves can protect sensitive skin from certain cleaning agents and keep dirt and oils from re-depositing on your freshly cleaned piece of jewelry. This build-up can quickly dull a diamond, so once it’s clean, take care to touch it as little as possible.

DON’T: forget to take your jewelry to a professional.
While you can easily perform some jewelry maintenance yourself, your pieces could likely benefit from professional jewelry cleaning. Your local jeweler will have all the supplies and knowledge required to make your ring sparkle like new again. That way, you won’t risk using the wrong cleaning method or losing your ring down the drain. A jeweler can also assess whether your pieces may be in need of repairs down the line. DIY may be your thing, but you’ll probably have more peace of mind if you have it cleaned by someone who really knows how.

To find out more about jewelry cleaning tips or to schedule an appointment for professional cleaning, contact Buttermore Jewelers today.