Gem Crown Diamonds

The beauty of the Gem Crown Diamond comes from its 16 extra facets. Inspired by the "double pavilion" style round diamond cut designed for Queen Victoria's Jubilee celebration, the patented Gem Crown design truly has more brilliance than the standard round brilliant. The designer added an additional row of facets on the crown (top) of the diamond which reduces the size of table (largest facet) on top. This creates more of a "geodesic dome" shape on the top of the diamond which allows more sparkle and brilliance. Often, customers prefer the Gem Crown design for being "simply more beautiful".

When our customers compare a Gem Crown diamond to an ordinary round diamond or even an "Ideal Cut" diamond they can easily see the dramatic difference. Stop by and let our Parkersburg WV diamond experts show you why the Jubilant Crown is the most beautiful, best value diamond you can buy. Gem Crown Diamonds are available in a wide range of sizes and qualities.