Wedding & Engagement Rings Parkersburg WV

Buttermore Jewelers will carefully explain Diamond Grading with particular emphasis on those factors that affect beauty such as color and cutting. Clarity only affects the beauty if the flaws are visible while a poor color or poor cutting will to even the untrained eye. Buttermore Jewelers recommends buying the best looking diamond for the money you want to spend, not the rarest. Let us help you find the diamond the perfect diamond for you. Buttermore Jewelers has a wide selection of engagement rings, men and women wedding bands, anniversary bands, and eternity bands. All jewelry has a range of prices to fit your budget. If you are looking for a specific look, custom look, or a specialty shaped band to match your engagement ring, Buttermore Jewelers is your jeweler. Contact us for more information about engagement and wedding rings in Parkersburg WV.

No one knows more about diamonds than Buttermore!